Share your social media links. Immediately start connecting with as many friends, family members, coworkers and acquaintances as possible. There’s absolutely no shame in requesting help. We’re proud of your service and owe you a tremendous debt, one that can’t be measured by dollars and cents.


Be honest! From the title to the story to the visuals, your campaign should inspire potential donors to contribute to your cause. A short video of less than 2 minutes makes a powerful impression.


Sharing your campaign often via social media channels and asking your friends, family and others to do the same is the best way to raise awareness and support for your cause. Every share can raise $39. Multiply those shares and your fundraiser may go viral. Meanwhile, well-written updates keep supporters and potential donors engaged. Fundraisers with five updates can raise 15 times more than those with one. Fundraisers with 20 or more updates on average meet their goal.


Tell us your story and let us know your plans of moving forward after the requested donation has been approved and sent.