Funds for Veterans

An Emergency Funding Source for Veterans


Our primary mission is to offer prompt financial aid to veterans facing emergency hardships within 4-24 hours, anywhere in the world

About Funds for Veterans (FFV)

“FFV was founded by our CEO to honor his father, a career military serviceman, and to provide support to all veterans who have served our country. Our program offers an immediate safety net for veterans in need, filling a gap left by other supplement programs that often have long waiting times. With the help of private donations and grant funding, we are able to make a significant impact on the lives of struggling veterans. Our platform is unique in that it allows for almost instant access to essential support, and our team of dedicated veterans works with local agencies and shelters, such as the American Legion, to ensure that all veterans in emergency need receive the care they need. We welcome all veterans to apply for assistance.”

What's New at FFV

Introducing our Lifeline Program: Did you know that 11% of the adult homeless population comprises veterans, which amounts to approximately 34,000 individuals? At FFV, we have initiated a partnership with government wireless service providers to address this issue.

Through our program, homeless veterans have the opportunity to receive a smartphone with complimentary minutes, texts, and monthly data. Our dedicated team guides veterans in filling out a brief form for approval, following which they can collect their free phones from prominent retailers in their city, such as Walmart.

To ensure uninterrupted communication, FFV also provides solar phone chargers to these veterans. This ensures that they are never without the means to stay in touch with their family members, access our services, and most importantly, reach out to emergency operators via 911. We believe in empowering veterans and keeping them connected to the support they need.

Introducing The Safest Place PTS Application: Did you know In 2019,  19 out of every 100 women Veterans (or 19%) were diagnosed with PTS.

FFV is in the early stages of designing a mobile app specifically designed to support female veterans and active-duty personnel who are experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). We understand the importance of healing, which is why we will provide a comprehensive range of services through this application.

“The Safest Place” app will offer access to a dedicated team of volunteer counselors, therapists, social workers, exercise instructors, workshops, and a peer-to-peer connecting feature. We believe in providing a safe space where individuals can find the support they need to navigate their journey towards healing.

The app will be free to download and access, ensuring that all those who require assistance can benefit from its features. Our goal is to create a supportive community and offer resources that empower female veterans and active-duty personnel in their healing process.